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Wind River Backpacking Tours

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Greater Yellowstone Llama Treks
Wind River Llama Treks

Our Wind River Range llama treks allow you to venture deep into some of the most scenic and remote mountains in Wyoming, and to do it carrying only a light day pack. Llamas carry the gear and food as you hike past countless mountain lakes, on the shores of pristine mountain rivers, across wildflower-covered meadows, and up into the spectacular high country of the Continental Divide! Come join us for a hiking experience unlike any other, as we explore the Wind River mountains with the help of nature's best backcountry companions: llamas! Choose from 3 classic llama treks in the Wind River Range.

Trip Duration Price
Big Sandy Llama Basecamp 4 days $1400
Middle Fork Loop 5 days $1565
Titcomb Basin 5 days $1565
Lakes, Cirques and Towers 7 days $1940
Jackson Hole Llama Treks

Our Jackson Hole Llama Treks take you into the Gros Ventre and Wyoming Ranges, which are just minutes from Jackson Hole. The llamas allow you to hike into the remote backcountry of these extraordinary mountains carrying only a light day pack. We'll work our way along rivers in the bottoms of deep valleys, and into the high country for views that are out of this world! Come join us for a truly unique and enjoyable way to experience America's wilderness! Choose from 3 amazing llama treks in the Jackson Hole area.

Trip Duration Price
Highline Traverse Llama Trek 5 or 6 days $1565/$1755
Granite Creek Llama Trek 3 days $925
Wild Wyoming Llama Trek 5 days $1565
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"An awesome father-son trip !!! Everything we had hoped for. Dean was an excellent guide and nice guy. We all got along great. The sites were incredible and we got excercise, what a win!! Surprisingly, the food was fresh, filling, and nutritous. Highly recommend this trip and company." Sean R.

"Bob was a fantastic guide! He lead us on some great trails. The tour company answered all of my questions and they all were extremely helpful in planning our trip! Highly recommend this company!!!" - Leslie B.

"Alex was a great guide! He made the trip educational, fun, relaxing, and rejuvenating for us. It was by far one of the best experiences we've ever had. Thanks Alex!" - Jennifer and Mike W.